Long Run. Rose Bowl – JPL. Road and Trail.

9.8 miles, 512 ft elevation, 1:51:17, 147 suffer score, 8 trophies

I met Lynda and Yuri at 5:30am. Zero Dark Thirty, as I call it. We start with body looseners, which is different from stretching. We aren’t targeting muscles to stretch per se, rather, we’re trying to wake up and loosen the major joints and muscle groups. Lunges for the hips and psoas. One legged toe touches for hips. Knee circles. Ankle circles. Hula hoops for hips and core.

Five miles of climbing up, out of the Arroyo, to Jack in the box. Potty stop. Slow climb to JPL and up the trail to the water trough and flipped it. It was a really foggy morning. It brightened up by the time we flipped it. So we could come down the trails along the golf course. 10 miles total, almost. Lynda did a couple extra laps in the parking lot to get the full 10 miles.

After the run, we stretched out our hamstrings, calves, groin, back, obliques. That felt good. This time it is focused on stretching out the muscles and ligaments.

I’m a huge head sweater. I rung out a huge puddle of sweat from my beanie cap. Re-hydrating after a long run is really important for me. I drank a big bottle of recovery drink. Hammer Nutrition has great recovery product. When I drink it within 30 minutes of finishing a tough workout, I have minimal soreness. I have it already mixed and ready to drink in my bag.The recovery powder is kinda chalky so I mix half a 24 oz bottle with fruit juice and water to mellow out the chalkiness.

Mio Link dropped out a couple times due to cold skin. I tucked it under my sleeve and rubbed it a little and it reconnected fine.

Uploaded Garmin data via Garmin Connect. Then, opened Training Peaks. Workout was already there. Nice. Strava still needs a couple clicks to upload. But, I like Strava for all its beautiful user interface and data displays.

Long Run. Rose Bowl - Jack - Water Trough  Run  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 1212015 100048 AM Free Training Log, Training Plans and Food Diary  TrainingPeaks - Mozilla Firefox 1212015 100641 AM

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