Azusa Canyon – 1st, 2nd Gate

31.45 miles, 2:41 moving time, 2,716 ft elevation

Julian, Raul, Bert, Ryan, Mike W, Lynda, Mike K, James L, Alvin, Gary, Daniel, Gregg S., Mark, Paul, Eric, Sven, Joe, Rob, Gregg D., David, Doug, Gregg M., Jeff.

Happy New Year! 2022 started with a Climb.

Club met on a Wintry Morning in Sierra Madre. They rolled over to Encanto Park in Duarte and picked up locals and me. We rolled across the bridge and rode up the San Gabriel River Trail to the end and merged onto Hwy 39, Azusa Canyon Road. We rode up and back down.

Doug had a flat his tubeless tire but no spray goo. Bummer.

At the last dam, I stopped and took pics of the Eagle Tree. Daddy Eagle was home, looking over the reservoir. Mommy and nest were in a lower tree. There were a bunch of naturalists and photographers watching the eagles.

Passed East Fork at the big bridge.

Passed the ATV staging area. Lots of 4-wheelers and families. Lynda and I took a potty stop.

Passed West Fork at Cogswell Dam. There were some heavy diggers working on the trail today.

Gate 1 and the climbing continued. I had to flip it for time constraints. As I rode back to Encanto, riders from A group caught me. Alvin, Ryan, Bert. Well Done!

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