Triathlon Story: Charles

Charles is a member of the Pasadena Triathlon Club, and this is his Triathlon Story.

Charles is 44 years old, and married for 20+ years. SoCal Native. Lived all over the world.

He’s HIV positive. When he was in full blown AIDS about 3 years ago, he was wasting away on the couch and saw a video of the triathlon championship in Kona Hawaii. The guy in the video said to be successful in triathlon you only had to manage pain and have fun. Charles stopped the video right there and decided to do a triathlon. He suckered some friends to join him at Race on the Base Triathlon and started training. First, he quit smoking and then started running.

Triathlon has benefited Charles immensely. The fitness and strength and willpower and goal-setting has literally saved his life. Doctors didn’t expect such positive outcome.

Although he has some lingering health effects from the time of sickness, the virus is undetectable in his system now. The training helps get the brain settled. It’s a great release for him. The stronger body is, the stronger the immune system is. The structure of training really helps. It’s perfect for him.

Tips: Patience and acceptance of yourself. Everyone around you at the triathlon is pushing their own limits. Look around you. It’s okay for the body to suffer. It’s not okay for the mind to suffer regrets.

Thank you, Charles for sharing.

What an amazing story about the healing powers of positive attitude and how triathlon training plays an important part in his life.

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