Ride the hills in Pasadena

18.2 miles, 1:16 moving time, 1,732 ft elevation, 44 suffer score, 175 W ave power, 712 kJ work, 105 training load, 3 trophies

A cloudy day gave way to peachy sunset. PTC climbed the hills around Pasadena. We started at the Rose Bowl. Linda Vista to Descanso Gardens. Up Hampstead, across Inverness, up Chevy Chase. Up St. Katherine, 7-11% grade. Down St. Katherine to Inverness and Linda Vista. Up Glen Oaks. Down Patrician and back to the bowl.

Zach, Mike, Mike, Michel, Lynda, Peter, Gregg, Haroon, (Bill and Joe).

IMG_9994 IMG_9996


Pasadena in the background, Rose Bowl in the foreground.

IMG_9998 IMG_9999

Art Center College of Design nestled into the Pasadena hill.

IMG_0001 Chrome Legacy Window 4232015 103644 PM

Mio Link on thigh. Garmin Edge 810. I was keeping an eye on power. I try to moderate on the hills to 200 W.

Brick Ride  Ride  Strava - Google Chrome 4232015 104546 PM Chrome Legacy Window 4232015 104627 PM

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