Flexible workout schedule And bonus time. 

As the school year is winding down, I put my workout schedule on flexible mode, so I can help with unpredictable carpool times, random school events at night, and mentally set myself to just enjoy everyday whatever it brings. I’m not on a rigid training plan. I don’t have any guilt about missing a workout.

Yesterday was a lucky fun flexible workout day. Morning drop off for the kids was set for later in the morning, so I got up early and ran. Coughing fits slowed me down, but I was still happy to get a ran in. 

At lunch time, my coworker and I had planned on swimming, but he bailed, so I went to Yoga Cove in Monrovia for a great lunch yoga session. Tanya at Yoga Cove is great. 

Then, in the afternoon, my friend Lynda called and said, “Meet me at Track tonight?”  And so I did. Track with LosFeliz Flyers. Coughing didn’t slow me down. I hung with the ToG group. 400-800-1200. 1200-800-400. I felt pretty good in the middle of the set. I saw a bunch of friends at Track. Scott, Nicole, Neal, Jason, Bryan. 
Bonus time. I closed out the night with an interesting talk with my son. He recently had the sex talk at school and had follow up discussion homework. I’m planning on going through Passport to Purity with him, but haven’t had a free weekend to do it yet. I had read up and prepared for it, but just hadn’t done it yet.  So actually answering the questions wasn’t to bad. Not too awkward. The best part is that he’s hearing it from me and we can talk about it without being too weird. The paradigm is to really stress the goal of God’s plan in marriage. The perversion and corruption of marriage is all the symptoms that his class work asks about. It’s backwards. They don’t promote the ideals of marriage and don’t set the boundaries for what’s great about marriage. Sex is intended for married people. God made emotional and physical intimacy for a husband and wife. All the things that go wrong is what the class asks about: pre-marital sex, masturbation, adultery, disease, abortion. All are results of doing stuff wrong. Keep it simple and do the right thing. Amen. 


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