Influence comes in the little things. Minimalism evaluates all the things we allow into our lives. Joshua Becker shares a thoughtful story about his neighbors.

A great blog post from Becoming Minimalist.

Minimalism seeks desperately to evaluate each and every piece. Does it bring joy, value, purpose, and fulfillment? Or does it distract us from it? The evaluation tends to extend much further than physical possessions.

When we invest all of our energy into pursuing financial gain, we miss opportunity for selfless love.

When we clutter our schedules with purely selfish pursuits, we end up neglecting the family that lives right next door.

When we spend a majority of our finances on material excess, we find little space for generosity.

And when we waste countless hours in the mindless consumption of television or smartphone apps, we may miss the new, life-giving relationship sitting on the bench across the park from us.

Our lives become the sum total of the pieces we allow in. May we be intentional and thoughtful about each. (tweet that)

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