Ironman Mont Tremblant IMMT. Race Maps.

My next step in preparing for IMMT 2016 is to look at the race maps and study the course. Mont Tremblant is a ski resort, so it’s not a surprise that it’s a hilly course, but 8% up and 8% down on the Run? Really? I learned that it’s in the French Canadian part. The signs are in French and the markers are in km. I’m hoping that everything is in dual dimensions, showing both miles and kms.

Swim Course: 150720 IMMT SWIM d 5403 map 2015 irm swim an v2. One BIG loop. 13 buoys.


Bike Course: 150720 IMMT BIKE d 5403 map 2015 irm velo an v5 hr. 2 Loops of 56 miles.


Run Course: 150720 IMMT RUN d 5403 map 2015 irm course an v2. 2 Loops of 13.1 miles.run1    run2

One thought on “Ironman Mont Tremblant IMMT. Race Maps.

  1. Awesome! Mont Tremblant is a beautiful place and I’m sure the course will be spectacular. It’s about 2 hrs from Montreal and yes everything is en Francais here! Hope you will get to spend some time in my beautiful city after the race 🙂

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