Santa Clarita Marathon

I’m thinking about doing my first full marathon. Santa Clarita Marathon. My coach suggested to think about this one because it’s coming up in November, about 3 months away. Running is the hardest of the three sports for me. I have never run a full marathon. 5 years ago I signed up for Long Beach marathon to celebrate my 40th birthday. I had hip and knee pain on training runs 16 miles or more. While I was getting treatment for the pain, both chiropractic and mental, I pulled out of the full and went for the half. Since then, I haven’t attempted a full. Since the marathon is a main event in Ironman, I would really like to get it under my belt. The elevation profile doesn’t actually look too bad. My friends Edgar and Dave have run the half and full at this event a few years ago and attest to its flat-ish-ness. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’ll sleep on it for a couple days.

Santa Clarita Marathon Map SC marathon elevation

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