Swim and elliptical

Coach had a swim workout and a cross train workout. Since my foot is getting better, I tried the elliptical. I saw the chiropractor on Wednesday; it’s improved. Almost fully better. One more week of treatment and back on the run. 

I was running a little late today so I cut the swim workout to 3000 yds and quickly changed and tried the elliptical machine. Foot felt pretty good. Ran out of time after about 15 minutes, but happy with foot.

Transition time between swim and run. Quick shower to get chlorine off my skin. Otherwise I have very irritable skin. 

I love my Garmin 920XT. It’s a champ on transitioning quickly between workouts. I got all the right screens and data during swimming and it gets my heart rate on inside ride. I tucked my Mio under the Garmin wristband. I usually skip the Mio under my compression shorts but I wasn’t wearing those today, quick change. 


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