Crab Boil

I borrowed by dad’s big Chevy Tahoe for my daughter’s beach birthday party. When I returned the car, we washed it, vacuumed the sand out, and gassed it up. Then, I took my mom and dad to dinner. We tried a new place called Crab Boil in Glendale. It was pretty good. I think it’s a take off on Boiling Crab, which is a successful chain. We picked King Crab Legs and Shrimp. You buy it by the pound and then they add the sauce and steam it up for you. You just use your hands and cave man style chomp chomp. They don’t even give you a plate or a fork. It’s Cajun style spices. Garlic or Lemon Flavor, or mix. It was great. My dad really enjoyed the meaty king crab legs. He usually tells this old old story about how disappointing crab dinners are because of the amount of work v. the low volume of crab involved. This was a vast improvement. Yummy!

IMG_4223 IMG_4224 IMG_4225

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