Swim. Time Management.

I made it to the pool by 6:15am, but was hoping to be there a little bit earlier. The 1 hr swim workouts are taking me 1:15. I was a nice morning at the pool, as you can see. I had the deep end by the diving platforms. It was great.

IMG_4372 IMG_4373

Since the kids started school again, we’re enforcing bed times. I’m trying to go to bed earlier too. I wind everything done and lay in bed around 10pm. I try to get up earlier too. This morning was a snooze alarm day. I was glad to get the pool on time. I pack my bag the night before. I load up work clothes and towels and set it out so there’s nothing to think about in the morning. Just jump into my swim suit and head out the door, [well, and shorts and t-shirt for driving modesty].

Foot update: my plantar fasciitis is almost done. much better first thing in the morning. i continue with the therapeutic excercises, and night splint.

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