CompuTrainer. Mid-Ohio Grand Prix Duathlon.

26.0 miles, 1:33 elapsed time.

I rode the CompuTrainer with Luis, Gregg, and Bill at Bill’s House. Mild hills on the course. The course was a two loop 11.50 mile course. It was work, but it felt great. Bill turned on an extra feature, a prior course performance by me from February. You can draft live off the former-me, but he doesn’t respond to any of us. You can see his split screen, speed, distance, power. I was ahead of former-me for 3/4th of the course, then he pushed harder on the last set of hills and beat me. The current me lost out to the prior me. That was a funny feeling. I kinda felt bad losing to my former self. I think I’m in better shape than I was in February. Bill said that he was also on the prior ride. So, maybe he and I were working hard that day back in February.

After the workout, I ran over to the PTC Intro to Triathlon Clinic at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. My friend Lisa Rosa was hosting for her first time. She did great. Alvin and Selena were also there to field questions.

IMG_5937 IMG_5936 IMG_5935 IMG_5934Afternoon Ride  Ride  Strava - Mozilla Firefox 1022015 91208 AM

Preach it, Lisa!


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