Soccer – Winning Season

[Update 11/23/15, Did I mention that Julia Roberts was at our game? Paparazzi pic below.]

My son won his last game of the season. CCU 7 – DMS 1.

They finished on the top of the heap 11-1-2. It was a great year. B scored today off a corner kick. 3 goals total this season; not bad for a center defender! They celebrated with a pool party and taco festival. Video, pics below. This season was some very special. Great team. Great families. Great wins. It all came together nicely. Big Thanks to Richard and Ben for managing the Team. To Ozzy for coaching.

Today’s Goals






Jake PK (goes through hole  in net)



It’s LA, so sometimes Oscar winning actresses are at your soccer games. Today it was Julia Roberts; she’s walking across the field. Her son who’s on DMS (white shirts), is the short red-haired kid at the blue line.



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