Long Winter Run

10 miles, 1:55 moving time, 5 trophies

I met Lynda and Bill for an early and cold run on Sunday morning. We left the Rose Bowl at 7am. The air temp was a chilly 34°F. The Rose Bowl is in full swing getting ready for the Parade and the Bowl Game on New Years Day. First 3 miles were uphill to Jack in the Box, where we have a water and potty break. We ran straight up to JPL and along the Trail to the Horse Trough, which is the 5 mile point and our flip it spot. Running back the same route, the sun warmed our faces, but was still cold. Lynda used her Jedi powers on a wall.



Horse Trough
Prep for Rose Bowl
Lynda’s Jedi Powers
Trail Run
Chilly LA

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