Year in Review – Training Summary

The year is over! Here’s my training summaries for 2015. Data collected from This has been a great year for training. Some minor injuries, but I have recovered fully. I felt prepared for all the events that I participated and I didn’t get too sick this year either. All contributing to a strong training year.

Bike 2015:

Distance 2,805.9 mi
Time 204h 24m
Elev Gain 157,828 ft
Rides 126
Biggest Ride 122.2 mi Mulholland Challenge 2015
Biggest Climb 7,016 ft Breathless Agony 2014

Run 2015:

Distance 464.3 mi
Time 93h 30m
Elev Gain 28,146 ft
Runs 125
Half-Marathon PR 1:57:26 Fontana Half Marathon 2015


Distance 275,092 yd
Time 102h 15m
Swims 133

Training Peaks Data:

Chrome Legacy Window 12312015 90247 AM.jpg

Acute Training Load (ATL Pink), Chronic Training Load (CTL Blue), Training Stress Balance (TSB Yellow). You can see Peak in May for Ironman St. George Utah 70.3. A lull from May through July, then a ramp up in August when I decide Full Ironman in 2016. I started coaching with Barry and started working hard August through December. Same Garmin Data pushed to Strava and Training Peaks.

Looking at all the hours over the year, here’s the percentage breakdown.

Bike: 48.9%, Run 24.8%, Swim 21.3%, Other (strength and yoga) 4.9%

Chrome Legacy Window 12312015 90807 AM.jpg

Strava compiled summary videos:






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