PTC – State of the Club Address

In 2105, I served as the President for the Pasadena Triathlon Club. Next year, I’ll be stepping into another role as Membership Director. I sent out this last Presidential Note to the Club a couple days ago.

Hi Club,
As my term for President is ending very soon, on New Years Eve, I’d like to recap all the fun we had this year. These are the highlights from my year, and all of you made it possible. I’d like to thank you all, for your time and energy into making PTC a fun Club. I want to remind you that our mission statement is in our name Pasadena Triathlon Club.
Pasadena: We’re a local grassroots, volunteer bunch that live in and near Pasadena.
Triathlon: We swim, bike and run.
Club: We have fun doing it together.
Although I’m stepping down from the President’s role, I’m still on the PTC Board for Membership Director. Ben is a great guy and a terrific President. We’re in good hands next year!
Race Fun:
– This is an obvious and fun-filled bulk of what we do. We race. All over the city, the state, the country and the planet. You guys are nuts for triathlon. I’m so proud of what you guys  have accomplished this year. Just look at all the races on the Race Spreadsheet. It’s incredible.
 St. George 70.3 Ironman. Rob’s Report. Alvin’s Report.
– World Championship. Bill. Brian.
Training Fun:
– We bike, run, and swim together. That’s what we do.
 Sunday Swims. This was a terrific win this year. Thanks to Elizabeth and her crew. It all culminated in…
– La Jolla 10 mile Relay. PTC had 6 teams at the event. The organizers were blown away with our participation. They loved it. Super fun times in an event that could only happen with a Club.
Personal Fun:
– I recorded personal triathlon stories from a bunch of our members. This is a side of the Club that is truly inspiring. Many times, we meet new Club members, and they are already at their “after” picture. They are often proud to share their “before” pictures and their amazing journeys. Sometimes it’s a health discovery. Sometimes it family changes: kids, divorce, marriage, relocation. Sometimes it’s personal discovery. Whatever it is, you guys move heaven and earth to be a better person, faster athlete.
Sponsorship Fun:
– We are a local club and almost all our sponsors are local shops. They hosted our Club Meetings: VELO, Run With Us, Around the Cycle, CENTRIC, Braun Fitness. They hosted our Intro Clinics: RBAC. Our sponsors are our friends that we ride with. They donated tons of cash and gear: Jones Coffee, Engrave ‘n Things (remember your free red t-shirts! awesome.)
Membership Fun:
– Our club grew this year 27%. We have 127 paid members right now. I have the privilege to know almost all of you by name and face. I had to work really hard on that facial recognition.
 PTC survey was hilarious. We have lots of shoes and bikes.
– This year, we implemented RaceReach as the backend of our Calendar and Membership. It pumps out emails and communication.
You guys continually inspire me to work hard make to each and every workout. I’d really like to encourage you to step up next year and get out of your comfort zone. Give back to the Club in your time and energy. Make it fun for others, just as they have made it fun for you. Give a helping hand to a newbie, just like they gave you. Send Ben and the Board encouraging words to tell them that you appreciate their hard work putting together fun club events. Give us your feedback on what you like about the club and what need more work.
Next year, I’m focusing on Ironman Mont Tremblant next year and spending more time with my wife and kids, who will both be in high school next year. I’m still on the PTC Board, helping out as Membership Director. So, you’ll still see me posting stuff.
Happy New Year, and have a great 2016!
Joe Wong
PTC President 2015

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