Fun Food Day – SpinFish Poke

With the kids busy with activities, my wife and I got to go on a fun food day, just the two of us. For lunch we went to Spinfish for Poke in Old Town Pasadena. Poke is a hawaiian sushi bowl with sashimi-like cubes of fish and different seasonings. I had the Ahi Tuna / Salmon / Hamachi + Shaka Signature seasoning (with sriracha aioli, masago, panko, green onion) + avocado. My wife had the Aloha 808 style, with  sesame shoyu ogo limu, hawaiian sea salt, chili flake, green onion, sweet onion. Both were delicious. The miso soup was meh. It’s located in an obscure alley in Old Town, with very little seating. Fortunately, we went for an early lunch time, and we got a bar seat inside.

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