CES Consumer Electronics Show

Holy Smokes. This was fun fun fun. I don’t talk about work on my blog, but they were generous enough to send me to CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. CES is a huge huge trade show for all different industry in technology. I flew out early Thursday morning and went straight to the Sands Convention Center. I spent all day Friday at the Main Las Vegas Convention Center. Upstairs and Downstairs. Then flew home in the afternoon. I actually caught an earlier flight cuz I was just exhausted.

Baby and Beauty. For work, I was looking for hospital product ideas and getting inspiration in analogous product categories. Babies have many similarities with

Sports and fitness: Garmin, Fitbit, Wahoo, Mio.

Tech: Intel, LG, Samsung.


Drones everywhere and BB8


Auto: Audi, Kia, Lexus, Toyota.

Random Weird stuff


Parrot’s dancing drones. Impressive.

Random waterfall with impressive programmables.

Straight off the Star Wars scene, SphereO released a BB-8, complete with little gestures and antics.

And no trip to Vegas is complete without the King. I’m singing “Viva! Las Vegas”; and he’s mugging for the camera.


I played 3 card Poker for the first time: and I was a winner!


I was tired. On the first day, I walked 10.5 miles! 2nd day was 7.1 miles.


Update 1/13, So, while I was sitting in a meeting at the D3O booth, TechCrunch was filming a video which they posted on Amazon. I’m in the background with my back to the camera. Hilarious.

Chrome Legacy Window 1132016 110134 AM.jpg




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