Orange and yellow are Over. Blue is In.

Last weekend, we painted the living room, dining room, and entry way. They had been orange and yellow since the kids were little, aka years.

We have a great looking rug in the living room, with great colors. I took a close up picture of the rug and took it to the hardware store and picked out a couple blues for the walls. The The final shade of painting on interior walls always ends up being a couple shades darker than you think. We’ll see how it goes. I like it now, but maybe we’ll re-paint to a lighter shade. The old color was orange and it’s hard to cover that up, so we had to paint a primer layer first. The prep work for painting is always the tough part, which includes cleaning the rooms, moving furniture, sanding, filling with putty, smoothing, wiping, buying all the tools, and motivating the rest of the family to help a little bit.

I actually like the painting part. It’s not too hard and it has such a dramatic effect. We have some big home improvement projects in the works later this summer. This one was overdue and needed to get done before all the other ones.

I like how it turned out.

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