Surf City Half Marathon

13.1 miles, 2:16:32 time.

PTC ran at the Surf City Half Marathon. We had 2 vans from Eagle Rock down to Huntington Beach. The van ride was very early 5am, but very worth, not having to deal with traffic and parking. It is also a fun time to hang out with friends down and back. It was the maiden voyage for Lynda’s new Sprinter van.

We parked at the Hyatt and relaxed down stairs for about an hour. Private potties and lots of room to lay down and relax. The upstairs is pretty crowded.

We walked out to the Running Club Lane, which is right in front of the starting corrals, and dropped off our bags with the Pasadena Pacers. The starting line was crowded and slowly started. A bunch of us were in the 3rd corral, which left around 8am. The national anthem and a bunch of drones.

My run was okay. I usually feel more energetic at the start and take off faster. It was not in the cards for today. I kept Lynda in my sights for about 4 miles, to the right turn where we go up hill. I took a really quick potty break at the top of the hill. My strategy this year was to hold a small water bottle from a Fuel Belt, 3 goos in my pocket. I ate all the goos before mile 8. Fortunately, Clif bar goos were handed out at mile 8. Life saver. I felt fine through mile 10. Mile 11, my breathing was very labored and I had a big coughing attack and had to walk it off. Trotted to the end. The weather was perfect. Not too cold at the start and not too hot at the end. The sun was bright and little hazy. The waves were crashing all along the shore. I wore my blue/gray Altras. They worked out great. No blisters, no foot/knee/hip pain. This is the Second Leg in the Fecta Series. Run with Us made custom shirts for us. It was great. I wore a white PTC shirt, cuz I overheat in black.

Half Marathon
Runner Details Race Results
Bib: 8315
Name: Joe Wong
Gender: M
Age: 45
Hometown: South Pasadena, CA
Overall: 4365 out of 11949
Men: 2350 out of 4646
M 45-49: 382 out of 684
Age/Grade: 45.56% Place: 5889
Finish: 2:17:05 Pace: 10:28
Chip Time: 2:17:05
Gun Time: 2:26:35
Split Times
5 Km: 28:50 Pace: 9:17
10 Km: Pace:
10 Mi: 1:40:11 Pace: 10:02

Van Ride: Back row: Bob, Ben, Dante, Bill, Neil, Sue. Front: Bryan, Paul, Alvin, Kim, Lynda, Gail, Amy. (Unpictured Kirk, Steve, Rob, Luis, Danny, Joe).




Fecta Runners: Back – Kirk, Sue, Amy, Steve, Kim, Bill, Paul, Bob, Lynda, Rob, Luis. Front – Neil, Gail, Joe


Running Club LaneIMG_1924IMG_1962

Bright Starting Line


Waves. Mile 10.



Amy beat Kirk. Lynda beat Joe.


I still got a cool medal.




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