End of Soccer Season

Although it feels like soccer never ends, there was a bit of finality in this week’s game. This was Round of 32 for the State Cup in Coast Soccer League (all California soccer clubs). Our boys finished in the Round of 32. Game well played, but came up short. Opponents were within reach, but edged them out.

BK’s team had a great season. They really came together over the last year. Their passing and attacking and team movement is terrific. They won their Bronze Omega League. A couple of boys that joined the club this year really helped them take it up a notch.

The finality part comes because there is a big change sweeping US soccer. The way the teams are all setup from U5 to the National Team, is by when the player’s birthday is. The USMNT (US Men National Team) has pushed for realigning the definition of ages, for all teams. The US is only country that groups kids by traditional school start Aug/Sep birthday cutoffs. AYSO and school leagues all propagate the players age based on Aug/Sep cutoff. All other countries are calendar based, Jan-Dec. The Coast Soccer League and all the club in it are moving to Jan-Dec. So, our team is being split kinda in half with 2002 boys / 2003 boys going to different teams within the club. This was the last game together as a team. We loved the boys and families so much. Most have been together for 3 years, reaching back to AYSO’s Extra Team. We’ve seen them literally grow up before our eyes. We have have countless birthday parties, carpools, games, and practices together. We send our boys to games even if the can’t make it. Boys have sleep overs if the parents are out of town. It was a great soccer extended family.

Note from Ben, the Team Manager:

Hello team,
It was a good run in state cup and it was great to see the boys play well. Our amazing time time together is entering into a new phase. The 2002 boys will begin practicing with their new squad tomorrow, Wednesday at 7:30 at SMHS. They will be joined by the 2002s from Ozzy’s U14 team. Of course the 2002s are welcome to practice with the 2003s for the next few sessions but Ozzy thinks it is important for the new teams to start working together. The practice slots for the next year are not set but for now-
the 2002s will be Mon/Wed at 7:30 
and the 2003s will be Tues/Thurs at 6:00. 

The Mexico deposits are coming in and we have 7 players from our team have committed. If your son or you are planning on coming please let me know and get a $50 deposit per person in. 

Thanks for the great times. What a sweet journey it has been. Good people. We are all still United. 


BK was the captain of the team for this game and took the coin toss.


Coach Ozzy and his dad were fired up and getting the boys fired up too.


Palmdale has Joshua trees. Weird, right?


Best Team Ever.


We’ll see what the future holds for BK. High School starts in the fall, where there’s many more new activities to try. More soccer? or Something else? I’ve been taking him to games since he was 5. Now I’m just getting a little nostalgic.

Parent emails:

Thanks for the nice treat last night Jeremy.  Hope Porter had a good birthday.   We too are so grateful to have been part of such a wonderful team.   This is our first club experience and we feel so lucky to have chosen CCU.   You know when your kid is having a good time when they look forward to going to soccer practice every Tuesday and Thursday.  Erik says he wish he could practice everyday.    Thanks to OZZY and the rest of the team for making the last 2 years so fun.  The Wagners.  😊

Hi team – First, thanks very much to Jeremy for bringing pizza tonight. That was delicious and a lot of fun for the kids.

Second, a big THANK YOU to all the families of our CCU Blue team. I can’t believe two years have gone by already since we put this team together, and for all our boys I think it’s an experience they’ll never forget. I know that as a parent this has been the best overall sports experience I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with, and all credit for that goes to Ozzy, our boys for being such great sports and players, and most of all to the families for creating such a great team atmosphere.

I hope all the team can make it to the Mexico trip this summer for one final chance for the original teammates to play together, and I hope lots of parents can make it so we can all get together for margaritas and tacos:)

Braden, Joe, and I have loved being a part of this team the past two years. It’s been great to see the boys develop and have success on the pitch with Coach Ozzy’s training. It’s been even better experiencing it all with wonderful families like you. Thanks and best wishes!


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