Kids are growing up. Passport to Purity.

You know the kids are growing up when you have to have ‘The Talk’.

BK and I had The Talk during our overnighter weekend for a Soccer Tournament a few weeks ago. We used Passport to Purity by FamilyLife by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. The program is great. It’s aimed at pre-adolescents. The best part about the program is that it sets the right model; it doesn’t deal with all the twisted stuff. It’s interactive with audio CDs, a journal to write down, games/activities. It really helped me face my fears about talking about all that stuff with my kids.

The plan is to create an ongoing dialog with BK. When things start to happen, it’s all in the context of the conversation that we start now. During the next few years, in the in-between times and innocuous fun day, chit chats, we can bring up the topic and fill in more details and opinions down the road. Hopefully, it all becomes a natural topic and not taboo for us to talk about.

This is parent-focused and God-focused. Sex and dating is in the context of marriage and the way that God set things up. It sets up what is right and wrong and how God made your body. And setting things up for a good marriage. Keep your purity and protect the purity of the young women in your circle of friends.

Although I feel old now, it’s a good old. I hope my son feel like they’re easing into teenage years prepared to face the big wide world out there.

[As a side note, this blog is about my adventure through life and what I’m thinking about. On the other side, the kids have their own perspective on how things went down, and I give their own space digital and real space to express it themselves. So, basically, I give their privacy and don’t share their story. For sensitive topics like this, I share my thoughts but keep our personal conversations to ourselves. That’s the privacy line that I’ve set for me and my blog. It’s personal, but nothing is sharable.]


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