February Fitness Summary

End of the Month! It’s time to check in and see how I did this month. From, Strava Calendar…

February: 36 hr (+6 over Jan), 288 miles (+36), 7 personal records (-9), 27 activities (+2)

January: : 30 hr, 252 miles, 16 personal records, 25 activities

I’m tracking close, month to month, with more work invested in February. Those are good trends. I also felt more consistent in February. Also great.

Run: The Fecta definitely got my running miles up. Asthma from allergies has really made breathing very difficult.

Bike: 4 good rides in Feb. That rocks. The soccer games took out 3 Saturday rides in Jan, but the Tour de Rock filled in all the miles. Wow, that’s pretty cool. The PTC bricks will start up in a couple weeks. That will fill in my mid-week rides.

Swim: GRA has been great. Lynda and Ben’s threat of pink tutu’s has made sure I’m always there on Mondays, Fridays. Asthma has made breathing difficult here too. Moderating my swim is key. Coughing and gagging in the pool is not an favorable option.

Coaching: Barry and I have reset my training plan. It’s starting to ramp up now. I’m 25 weeks from IMMT. We dumped TrainingPeaks.com and opted for a home grown spreadsheet to share the plan back and forth through a private google doc. We entered all the known races and events. We entered the likely weekly patterns: GRA M&F, CompuTrainer M, Run Th, Bike Sat.

Chrome Legacy Window 2292016 110904 AM

Chrome Legacy Window 2292016 111857 AM.jpg

From Strava Training Log

By Week, breakdown my Swim/Bike/Run

Chrome Legacy Window 2292016 110740 AM

Chrome Legacy Window 2292016 111939 AM

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