Happiness is podcast

My most recent obsession is podcasts. I have found some really fun podcasts that I love to listen to. I have a fairly short commute to work, so the podcasts usually last me a couple days. I had an event in San Diego for work the other week, and I listened to several podcasts, it was perfect.

Oh No! with Ross and Carrie. This is a intriguing and fun podcast. Carrie is a columnist and Ross is an animator. Their tagline is “we show up, so you don’t have to”. They investigate the spiritual, fringe science and paranormal. Christian Science, Scientology, Aethenius Society, Yoga, Cryo-therapy. It’s so fun.


TED Radio Hour. This is an amazing distillation of TED talks, fine tuned for radio. Inspirational. I get choked up all the time with this one. The one on Death (and I say Living) is amazing.

TED Radio Hour

Happier with Gretchen Rubin. This is my happiness fix. Gretchen wrote my favorite book, The Happiness Project. This podcast is a half hour program with Gretchen and her sister, who is a TV writer. Her new ABC show starts this week, it’s called Family. There’s a bit too much estrogen in the podcasts, but the happy parts are awesome.

Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin

Nerdist with Chris Harwick. This one is more of guilty pleasure. Bro-fest. Like hanging out with your guy friends for an hour. Can’t take much more than half an hour. The testosterone balances out the Happier podcast.

Nerdist Podcast



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