Brick report

Ride: 17.4 miles, 1:04 time, 1,030 ft elevation

Run: 1.7 mile, 24:31 time, hills

Great turn out for the PTC Brick. 24+ folks! I been seeing a bunch new folks at the brick: Ewina, Rudy, Gustavo, Julia, Marc, Evan! Rudy, let me know how your Garmin Cyborg Google Glass works! Tiff, I hope you get off work earlier next week. Ewina is learning some new hills around Pasadena. Evan is recovered from Long Beach Ride.

We rode 1 loop around the bowl and then up to Descanso, moderate climb. A Group did 2 loops and caught us at Descanso. We rode back the same way. Doesn’t it look really different in reverse. Lots of bikes out last night, especially at the Chevy Chase left turn. We rode up Glen Oaks to San Rafael, steeper climb, but not too long.

Upon returning, there were beers in the Sprinter Vans. Some folks didn’t run and just plopped down and chilled. I ran with Charles and Bill around some trails behind RBAC.

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