Joshua Becker is releasing a new book More of Less and offering Uncluttered, a free class and community with the pre-order of his book. The offer ends on May 2nd 2016 at midnight NYC time. So, check it out quick. Joshua is great about sharing the freedom and power of owning less. You’ll have more time and energy to spend on your true passions. His previous books are great. I’ve found his blog Becoming Minimalist very inspiring too. Check it out. He’s a great speaker too. His videos are wonderful.

Here’s a blurb from the book:

Live a better life with less.

In The More of Less, Joshua Becker, helps you….

•          recognize the life-giving benefits of owning less
•          realize how all the stuff you own is keeping you from pursuing your dreams
•          craft a personal, practical approach to decluttering your home and life
•          experience the joys of generosity
•          learn why the best part of minimalism isn’t a clean house, it’s a full life

The beauty of minimalism isn’t in what it takes away. It’s in what it gives.

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