Last Brick Ride of 2015. Hampstead > Sugar Loaf > Emerald Isle > Buckingham.

14.1 miles, 1:12 moving time, 1,818 climbing

Rose Bowl > Hampstead 12% > Sugar Loaf 15%> Emerald Isle 15% > Buckingham 10% > Lida

The last ride was some steep climbs. As you can see, even starting at 5:30pm, we were losing daylight rather quickly. A HUGE BIG THANK YOU to PETER for leading the Bricks 2015! He did an amazing job leading us out every Thursday afternoon from spring until fall. Way to go, Peter!

Bob, Steve, Alvin, Brian, Hank, Bill, Hank, Peter, Lynda, Joe, Mike

There’s some video clips of the descents at the bottom of the post.



The Humble Leader Peter.


View from Sugar Loaf


IMG_5535 IMG_5536

Sunset at Lida

IMG_5538 IMG_5539 IMG_5541Chrome Legacy Window 9242015 90821 PMChrome Legacy Window 9242015 90727 PM

Video Clips

Berkshire Descent

Sugar Loaf Descent

Hampstead Descent

Chevy Chase to Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle Descent

Chevy Chase to Buckingham

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