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While working on a project at work, I started to pick up Arduino development boards and I started hacking on LEDs and sensors. I got so interested I bought a couple Arduino start packs and Sunfounder 37 sensor pack. I love how easy it is to find code and drop it in and it works. I’ve been learning all about libraries. I got lasers, IR sensors working. I got pressure sensors and liquid mercury sensor working. Super fun. While I was working on the code, I kept finding more resources all over the place. I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, into the hacker world. It’s fun and thrilling. My favorite resources are They have great product videos and wonderful tutorials.

Arduino Starter Pack
Arduino Starter Pack


Motor Shield Starter Pack

Here’s some of my breadboard wonders. LCD output. Keypad input. Motion Detector input.

IMG_6063  IMG_5895

Flex sensor with stepper motor output.

Hall effect (magnetic field sensor) and buzzer output.

Motor shield over the Arduino. 2 stepper motors, 2 brushless DC motors.

Tutorial on shift register and binary counter.

Force sensors and proximity sensors, with LED output. I programmed this one myself.

One place I stumbled upon, is for the visual arts. It’s like Arduino for graphics. Seriously awesome. They have a gallery of some of the most terrific art installations using Processing. Here’s a couple mesmerizing ones.

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