Brick ride at sunset

16.4 miles, 1:10:03 moving time, 1,345 ft elevation. 5 strava trophies.

When I arrived at the brick ride, thermometer in my car said 95F. As the sun quickly dipped behind the mountains, it cooled off some. Nice part of LA is that it cools off alot at night, down to the mid 60’s. One friendly loop around the bowl, then over the hills. We climbed up Lida, pass Art Center College of Design, over the top towards Glendale. We rode up Chevy Chase canyon to La Canada and Descanso Gardens. Berkshire is all torn up for re-surfacing, very bumpy. We zipped along Linda Vista, up Glen Oaks, down San Rafael and back to the Bowl.

Thursday morning, driving through Pasadena.


Jim met the Prize Patrol: PTC Socks!


Lynda, Zach, Michel, Michael, Haroon, Steve, Mike, Gregg, Jim, Peter, Alvin. And off camera: Me, Page, Bill, Brian.







Loop around bowl.

IMG_0498 IMG_0499

Top of Lida. View over Pasadena at sunset.



IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503

Purple mountains majesty

IMG_0504 Chrome Legacy Window 1022014 92619 PM


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