June Training Recap. Vineman preview. 

June: Strava data. 38 hr, 310 miles, 29 PR, 38 activities.

Overall, I felt like I stayed on track during June. Missing 2 Saturdays for vacation really subtracted from the cycling miles. The important part of training now is that I’m staying healthy: no injuries, no illnesses. Especially as I ramp up to whopping rides and runs, staying healthy and strong is key. No prolonged aches or pains. Wahoo! One improvement has been the bronchial dilation with the inhaler. This has certainly improved the run and swim. Another thing I learned this month is that I switched over to PB&J sandwiches for my onboard nutrition. I got hooked while on the KOMs. PB&J travel better than rice cakes and have a better shelf life that rice cakes. The rice cakes are great, but they dehydrate while on the road or go to mush. Neither is a good results.

Vineman: Packing up for Vineman 70.3 tonight! I riding up with a van full of friends tomorrow morning. Race on Sunday. This will be a tune up for IMMT. I haven’t been really thinking of Vineman as a race really. Just another long training day. I do want to pick up some IM t-shirts and bags. Need more Ironman Swag. One thing I’m looking forward to: Luckily, I have an early start. 6:52am. Wave #5, Men 45-49 L-Z, (of 22). Hopefully, the run won’t be so hot this year. I got my cooling towels ready to go anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.40.25 PM

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