Happy 4th of July. Ride to Santa Monica.

60.2 miles, 3:48 time, 2,356 ft climb, 88 Strava trophies

With very little traffic on a Holiday morning, we rode out to Santa Monica through the San Fernando Valley. On any other day, this would be bumper to bumper traffic.

Eagle Rock > Glendale > Burbank > Sherman Oaks > Sepulveda Pass > VA > San Vicente

We ride through the studios in Glendale, Burbank, where DreamWorks, Disney, Warner Brothers have offices. It was overcast on the beach and sunny in the valley. I dropped my heart rate monitor in the valley. I tuck the Mio Link pod into my shorts on my thigh and it slipped out. Thankfully, Philip helped my find it. We had a quick potty stop before we climbed over the Sepulveda Pass. We took a ‘short cut’ through the VA center in West LA to San Vicente. We stopped at the bluff about Santa Monica beach and flipped it. Bob had a mechanical with his front wheel on the way back. We stopped at the gas station before climbing back to the valley. You can see the Getty Center which sits atop the Sepulveda Pass between the SFV and the LA basin.

Chrome Legacy Window 752016 111216 AM

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