Big Training Weekend. Bike 120 miles, Run 20 miles

Bike Saturday: 120.3 miles, 7:10 moving time, 2,615 elevation, 84 Strava trophies

Run Sunday: 20 miles, 4:30 time.

On Saturday a group of us training for IMMT met to ride 120 miles. We started at Encanto Park, Duarte. We rode 5 miles up the San Gabriel River Trail and then up Azusa Canyon. We flipped then went south. We rode the Upper San Gabriel River Trail and then transitioned to the Lower San Gabriel River Trail. The morning was nice and cool, with some high clouds. By at the end of the trail, we turned south onto Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach and rode for another 15 miles to Newport Beach 60 miles flip it point. We flipped it and went all the way back up the trails and up and Hwy 39, for 5 miles up and down. The sun was out on the and it got hot on the way back. I rode mostly with Lynda, Bob, GT, and Amy. But, We saw the crew on and off. Ben, Trevor, Luis, Tyler, Deanna, Tiffany. I drank tons of bottles. We refueled a couple times and I still ran out of water. On the last stretch by the Sante Fe Dam, I was gassed and barely moving. We bought frozen water and Gatorade from the guy with the cart. Lifesaver! From there to the top of the Azusa turn around, I was just gassed. The heat was full blast. My Garmin said 104F at the turn around. Yikes.

On Sunday, Lynda and I ran 20 miles. We took off from her place in Eagle Rock. We took the hilly route to Pasadena, South Pas, San Marino. We took our camelbacks. It was hot out. I ran out of water a couple times. We saw one of the little library houses along Mission in SoPas. The mileage is adding up. At mile 16, I was tired and out of water again. We trotted home slowly. I felt good that we made it. I got a lot of confidence that the total length is do-able now. I’m still tweaking the nutrition to get the best feel for energy  and GI comfort. Putting the two days together, I was pretty happy we got it all done, especially with the heat. This is the longest run of my life so far. I will be hitting 26.2 during IMMT and maybe before then, if we get crazy in our training.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.35.00 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 1.35.33 PM

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