19th Wedding Anniversary

19 years! What a wonderful journey with my lovely wife Irene.

I can remember our wedding (1997 for those are slow at math). It was a hot July day. The hot pink pictures at CalTech. The ceremony at Chinese Evangelical Free Church. The 45 tables at the Chinese banquet at Ocean Star. We were young and thin. Brian and Helena kept us sane (best man and matron of honor).

I remember the first apartment in Santa Monica. I swore I could hear the ocean waves, but Irene knew it was just traffic from Ocean Blvd. We took summer walks to the mall and return wedding presents for fun nights.

I remember the early days in Mountain View. Fun times in the Bay Area before the kids. Fun dates in the city (SF). Fireworks on M2K in Santa Rosa, in front of our first house.

I remember having baby #1 and moving back to SoCal and landing in Glendale. Then, we had baby #2 and moved to SoPas. There we set down our roots. We’ve lived and loved our lives, in the sleepy, in-between town, with great neighbors and friends, at school, in church, on the soccer field and softball diamond, and while swimming, biking and running.

a clever puzzle in our program from our dear friend Maurice…


… and a lovely dinner at Union in 2016. The wild mushrooms over polenta was the highlight.


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