Sunday Swim. Around Naples Island, Long Beach, CA

2.5 miles, 1:16 time

I swam with Volt friends on Sunday morning. We met at Belmont Shores in Long Beach, CA. We swam around the Naples Island for 2.5 miles. Luis was a lifesaver; I misplaced my goggles and he lent me a second pair. Cool water, not cold. Lots of boats docked along the edges. Since we were there at 7am on a Sunday, very few were moving. I was feeling pretty good, following Luis and Jerrod. Half way around, Tiffany cruised by and then Jerrod and Tiffany just took off. I found that humming to the beat of my breathing is really effective for keep on pace and enjoying the swim. This week’s hum was a hymn from Hillsong, No Other Name. It has a nice slow beat that matches my exhales and stroke. I was glad that the water quality was good. There was sewage spill in one of the river trails, earlier in the week. But it was all good. Love my Roka Maverick Wetsuit! Feeling very prepared for the IMMT swim distance.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Swim. Around Naples Island, Long Beach, CA

  1. Hi!
    Is anyone free to do this year around? Or are there restrictions on swimming in certain areas? Looks fun!

      1. Thanks! I just did a 10k in Naples – 2×2.5mi loops + inner 1 mi. loop. I couldn’t find a place to do it until I saw your blog and your swim. Thanks for posting!

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