Ride Report. PCH – Mulholland – Stunt Canyon. Hot hot hot.

50.5 miles, 4:06 moving time, 5,453 elevation, 44 Strava trophies.

With a heat wave across SoCal, PTC headed out to the beach to escape the heat. But that clearly didn’t work. And with Santa Clarita fire still raging, we were dealing with the smoke and ash was in the air too.

Phil, Lura, Jonathan, Michel, Lynda, Ryan, Gregg, Mike, Henry, Bob, and Joe.

We started from Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at Pepperdine University, at the end of Malibu Canyon. We rode north along PCH to Encinal and went up up up. Gregg took off to meet his wife in Carpenteria. We rode across Mulholland Hwy toward Rock Store. Along the gigantic rollers, we were bombing down the hills. I got spooked by a big white Escalade that was shooting past a garbage truck and shot right by my left ear. Man, that was close. I was down in my aero bars and cruising at 35-40 mph, hanging on tight and thanking my lucky stars. We got to Rock Store and met up with the A Group, who were refueled and ready to go. We bought lots of water and Gatorade, but it barely got us to Stunt Canyon. Lynda was suffering a lot today. At the top, my Garmin computer read 101F. Gawk! There was a water fountain at one of the driveways at the last stretch up Stunt. A modern oasis! We refilled, and then started dumping bottled down our backs! Refreshing! The descent down Piuma is one of my very favorites. There were weird hot blasts of air every once in a while. We finished up along Malibu Canyon, through the tunnel, and with escorts of lot of traffic. WHAT a Hot Day! Lot of BASE Salt and water! Some of the crew followed up the ride with a 2 mile run!


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 6.14.00 PM

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