Fashion District – Fun with Faux Fur

I don’t talk about my day job much on this blog, but today was a really fun field trip to the Fashion District in Downtown LA. It’s the biggest and best fabric and knick knack extravaganza in the USA. It was a lot of fun looking around. There are just tons and tons of vendors. The faux fur shop was hilarious. The lace and trim shops were mind boggling. Browsing through all the stores got me thinking about a lot of stuff. My creative juices really got flowing. Maybe Halloween will be crazy fun this year! As an engineer, the fabrication of all the complex fabrics and weaves and sequins and fur is technologically cool. This is definitely the place to pick up costume supplies. Stuff is cheap down there and the selection is amazing. Stuff you never thought of is there. Bring your backpack and roam around. Cash is handy in these places too. Down the other neighborhoods is the finished garments and studios. We didn’t roam around there much.

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