Tune up, taper, and sleep

As Ironman Mont Tremblant IMMT rolls closer and closer (13 days away), the race prep is in full swing. The gear is shipped, and the body is resting.

I got my bike tuned up. My trusty Cannonadale Supersix has 7,800 miles (since Oct 2013). It got a fresh chain, fresh 11-28 cassette, fresh tires, and fresh brake pads for race day. It rides like new! Shiny and ready to go.

I turned in my bike and gear bag to TriBike TransPort. I’ll meet my bike and gear in Mont Tremblant, on Thursday before the race. They set it up right next to transition. The gear bag has the bulky stuff that I don’t wanna drag on the plane. Wetsuit, helmet, bike shoes, etc.

Tapering mode has begun. All the big swims and big rides and big runs are OVER. Short stuff to keep the body moving. Focusing on relaxing, recovering and reviving.

I went to a yoga class this morning. It felt great to open up and stretch and breath.

I’m eating sanely and sleeping more. I am filling my fridge and desk drawer with healthy options. Moderating the sugary snack with fruit and nuts, I’m going to bed early still and sleeping in, which is harder than it sounds. For now, I’m monitoring the weather over there and mentally packing up. There’s some small stuff; I need to get a new headlight for running in the dark.

In the big picture, I’m so thankful for a year’s worth of training without illness nor injury. Wahoo!

I’m thankful for my wife and kids being very supportive of the long Saturdays and sometimes Sundays too. Super troopers. They’re going to miss the race because the school schedule moved up a week this year messed everything up. But I know they’ll be cheering from LA.

Whew! What a road to Ironman this has been! 13 more days and I’ll be racing the an Ironman!

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