Ironman Training. Winding down. Packing up.

I’m getting ready to go to Ironman Mont Tremblant (IMMT) soon. Just 16 days from now.

I have to drop off my bike at a local bike shop on this Monday! My bike is going on a van ride with TriBikeTransport (TBT). This is getting real. I also drop off a gear bag with my bike. TBT will have my bike and gear bag all setup at IMMT, just outside our hotel, by transition. It’s a little pricey, but very convenient. After the race, you drop off your bike and gear to TBT and it goes home. Easier to fly, and pack and drive without bike and gear. The gear bag holds the bulky stuff, like helmet, bike shoes, pedals, water bottles, wetsuit, and stuff.

I am freaking out a little. Hence, the crazy swim face in the picture. IMMT used to be  out there in the distant future, not like pack up next week!

My bike in the shop for a tune up this week. New rear cassette, new chain, new tires on front and back. Bike will be like new. I have 7800 miles on my bike, since Sept 2013. The components were refreshed in 2015 before IM St. George. I like to have it all ready to go for the A Race.

The next topic to figure out is packing for all the different bags. Swim. Bike: special needs bag. Run: special needs. Transition bags. Nutrition.

Also, What to wear on the full IMMT? Maybe a tri top and a vest for pockets and carrying nutrition. Sleeves for warmth and sun protection. Drop off stuff at special needs tent.

A bunch of friends starting talking about finishing time and bike splits. I let it all go. I have some idea what would be realistic, but I wouldn’t even call them goals at this time. Because I would not be disappointed with a particular time, or rather, I’d be happy with any finishing time! I’d like to be feeling good at the end. But I’ll be happy just to cross the finishing line.

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