Training Update. June and July.

Training for Ironman is winding down. Here’s the summary data for my Ironman Training. I plotted the summary data from Strava to see any trends. For same time period in 2016, 45% increase in hours in training, 56% increase in miles, 4% increase in PRs, 10% increase in activities.

Jan-July 2014 Jan-July 2015 Jan-July 2016 Increase 2016 over 2015
Hours 210 226 327 145%
Miles 1775 1915 2996 156%
PRs 297 482 499 104%
Activities 188 212 233 110%

Miles: 1081 more during the same period than last year. That’s 2.8x from my house to San Francisco.

160808 strava2

Hours: 101 more hours spent training in the same period last year. That’s the tradeoff. from sleeping, watching TV, and chilling at home.

PRs: About the same amount of PR’s as last year. It’s funny that I keep breaking records at the same rate.

Activities: 10% more activites, but significantly longer and farther.

160808 strava1

Time: Max’d out on possible hours in a week. 6 weeks had more and 14hrs. This is maximizing the hours in your life and focusing them in one spot.

160808 strava7

This is the spread across swim, bike, run, by hours. You can easily spot the Vacation Tim, with no bike and no swim.

160808 strava6.png

Here’s the screens from Strava: Calendar and Training Log

160808 strava5

160808 strava8

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