Settling into happiness

I don’t read much. I’ve never been a great reader. Even my blog posts are short and sweet, to the point, and usually filled with pictures. But, for happiness projects, I will read. I’ll sit down and slowly make my way through a book. Oprah is amazing. And I’m reading her little books What I Know for Sure, and O’s Little Book of Happiness. As I started to read these little books. I felt the happiness flush through my system all over again.

As I stare down Ironman Mont Tremblant next week, I have trouble focusing on the event, and on my day to day stuff. My mind tends to wander into the future and planning things. That’s what I do as a favorite past-time. But, I’m resisting those temptations of looking forward. Today, I’m just going to focus on this week, this event, and soak it all in. I want to feel the jittery nervousness and jump into it. I want to thrill with the take off of the flying off to a new place. I want smell the different trees and breathe deeply the fresh air in Mont Tremblant. It’s not time to charge plan ahead, or fret about next year. It’s time to for now and living this week. My friends and I have been training and planning for this race for over a year. I’ve bought new watches, new bike gears, new wetsuit, endless nutrition, and a plane ticket. This happiness is a short sighted one. This happiness is about accomplishing a very tangible goal. It’s time to dive into life. And that’s what makes me happy.


a bonus happiness TED talk… Enjoy!

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