Ride Report – Cogswell Dam, well most of it.

33.9 miles, 2,110 ft elevation, 2:08 hrs

With some time constraints today, I joined the Club at the Encanto Park. Riding north along the San Gabriel River bike path, we rode up Azusa Canyon. with a brisk fall tail wind. There were lots of biking groups out today. The climbs along the dam were bright and dry. We regrouped at the Gate at Cogswell. Some call this West Fork. It’s closed to most vehicular traffic, although I caught a couple volunteer trucks along the way. The trail along the trees and creek is wonderful. A true hidden getaway. I flipped it a bit early to get home for a family reunion. Looked like Bjoern was helping Jeff with a flat.

MikeG, Tiffany, Bob, Jeff, Philip, Peter, Gregg, Alvin, DaveB, Ryan, Jonathan, Lynda, me, and Bjoern.


img_0869 img_0870 img_0874 img_0875 img_0876 img_0877 img_0878

2 thoughts on “Ride Report – Cogswell Dam, well most of it.

  1. Thank you for sharing! My brother and I are planning to visit Cox Mill Dam tomorrow. Would you please recommend a great place to start?

    1. Amy, Cogwell Dam – West fork is closed for cycling due to last years fire. Sorry.
      But when it is open. There is a parking lot at the Cogwell Trail entrance. It’s 12 miles from the end of Azusa City limit.

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