Marathon training

I signed up for the Los Angeles Marathon on March 19, 2017. This will be my first stand alone marathon. Other than Ironman Mont Tremblant, I haven’t run a marathon before. I had previously tried to train for one back in 2010, to celebrate my 40th BD, but that didn’t work out. Injuries derailed my training.

Today is Nov 2, which is 20 weeks out. I’ve been looking for training plans for beginners to see how prepared I feel.

I found some marathon training plans online.

Since I have been running regularly during all my Ironman training, I think I’m somewhere between Beginner and Intermediate. After looking at the time durations per week and the total distance per week, I decided to review my overall weekly training schedule and tweak it to be run-centric, at least for a couple months. 

Mon: Run. PM. Track during soccer practices

Tue: Swim. GRA. AM. 

Wed: Run. AM. Longer with Lynda, Bob, Steve

Thu: Swim AM. GRA. Bike PM. Computrainer. 

Fri: Rest

Sat: Bike AM. PTC ride

Sun: Run AM. Long. This will be new and harder to schedule into life. 

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