Revel Canyon Half Marathon 

13.1 miles, 2:19 time, 1,000 ft net elevation loss

Lynda and I ran the Revel Canyon Half Marathon in Azusa today. We had a bunch of friends volunteering at the race. Nicole and Neal helped out yesterday at packet pick up. Ben cycled with the Full Marathoners this morning. Luis and MikeK rode bikes with the Half Marathoners. Gregg drove sweeper for the Full. Gregg even dropped us off at the start of the Half, which is just past Cogswell Dam (West Fork). This race is very well organized. In the packet pick up, there are throw-away gloves, beenie, and space blanket. At the start of the race there is a bag drop. I always use an Ironman bag so it’s easy to find. I never use the packet bag that everyone else uses. You’ll never find it. It was chilly waiting for the start, but quickly warmed up. The course is significant rollers 6-7% up and down. I felt okay at the start. Actually I get pretty good the whole way down. I walked a couple aid stations and a couple uphills. Lynda was really feeling it today. She finished in 1:58 and took 1st in her Age Group. At mile 10, I met up with the 2:20 pacer. She was a little ahead of time. I was glad I finished at 2:19. 

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