Election Headlines

NY Times Election Headlines from 1852 to 2012.

It’s refreshing to know there were many tight and contentious elections in the past. Getting our eyes off today’s 2016 elections puts it in historical perspective. I love history and learning more little details about elections gone by. I enjoy seeing the typology in the NYT change over the years, adding maps and pictures. I like getting to know the lesser known victors, the VP names, secretive health issues, and the influence of wars and scandals. There was huge uncertainties of tight races at the time of printing the paper and also not knowing the western states votes. Later, there was all kind of craziness, such as the 2000 election of “W”. My first presidential election was in 1988. I actually saw Bush and Dukakis at UCLA for a debate. Bush arrived in a helicopter on the soccer field, while Dukakis came in a limo and tied up traffic for hours. I also saw the Clintons at UCLA during a rally in 1992; I was just curious what they looked like in real life.

For more history on presidential elections,


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