ring found

I found my wedding ring, which I lost in 2012! Kudos to MINI of Monrovia! While having my MINI Countryman repaired yesterday, the service department vacuumed and washed my car. The guy called and said they found a ring! I was completely amazed.


I have seasonal allergies in the springtime and sometimes, my skin get very irritated (cracks and bleeds), especially under my wedding ring. So, in 2011, I took it off while my skin was healing up. I put my ring on my keychain for several weeks. After my skin was better, I looked for my ring on the keychain and it was gone! I looked everywhere: in the house, in the car, at the pool, at the gym. I didn’t know exactly when I lost it. Eventually, I gave up and bought replacement ring(s) at Amazon. Apparently, it fell of the keychain and wiggled its way into my car. 5 years later, I’m shocked and happy to have my original platinum wedding ring. I could tell it was the real deal, because the platinum ring is noticeably heavier than the titanium replacements, and it also has an engraving inside “*PLAT”. Thanks, MINI!


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