Holiday Half Marathon – Race Report

13.1 miles, 2:27 time, 6 Strava trophies.

On a foggy, drizzly morning, we ran the Holiday Half Marathon at Fairplex in Pomona. We rode over in Lynda’s sprinter van. While waiting around, I bought a new flip belt, headband, and headband/visor. GT was sporting his Elf costume from yesterday’s 5k with Lura, getting his money’s worth on that one. I ran into a neighborhood friend Brett at the starting line; he loves it when it’s cold on race day. I took a selfie with the Fairplex Pig.

Although the air wasn’t too cold, the drizzle ended up soaking me through by mile 6. And, when the wind picked up at the dragstrip area, I was cold. The course is pretty hilly rollers, that continue from the beginning to the end. I was dog tired today. Slower than prior years. Fortunately, we all packed dry clothes and that came in really handy after the race. I changed from head to toe and warmed up again. We had a big brunch back in Eagle Rock at Pat and Lorraine’s. Yum.

I like this race, because they have the coolest snowflake medals.



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