College Visits. Boston. Day 2. Bentley University, Brandeis University.

Day 2. Bentley University

Just outside Boston, my daughter and I visited Bentley University. It's a business school with minors in liberal arts. It was lovely. Bentley is tucked away, just 9 miles from Boston in a nice upscale suburb of Waltham. It's a small school, but truly lovely. It felt safe and secluded. Lots of trees. The facilities are top notch, shiny, clean, fresh. They have lots of finance, econ majors. They have a Trading Room that's outfitted like the NYSE. The classrooms are slick, the housing is nice, above average. Although it was raining during our tour, we liked the campus a lot. Smaller school, but well connected to businesses. Internships in Boston, DC, NYC. They boast about their high starting salaries, cuz many of the kids head straight to Wall Street. 98% placement after graduation: Full time in a job they wanted (or grad school). M had an interview with an admissions advisor too. Fun times. Bentley is building a new hockey stadium. The main stairs from the dorms to the classroom is heated to melt the snow in the winter.

Day2: Brandeis University

After lunch, we Lyft-ed to the other side of Waltham to Brandeis University. It was founded by 4 Jewish folks (and one non-Jew) in 1948: Albert Einstein, Leonard Bernstein, Elenor Roosevelt, Maslov, and Louis Brandeis (first US Jewish US Supreme Court Justice). It even has a half kosher / half regular dining hall. They promote non-discrimination, which was the reason for its founding. Anyway, the tour was okay. Some newer buildings, some mid-century that need updating. Housing was standard. Smaller school, but wide curriculum. Meh.

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