Long Run Sunday

10.1 miles, 1:55 moving time.

On Sunday, I joined some PTC friends for a long run. It was a beautiful clear sunny morning, following the rain from Saturday. We started at Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. Some of my friends went for a 16 miles loop over La Canada – Glendale – Eagle Rock. But, Sue, Rob, and I opted for a shorter 10 mile run. We took an outer loop around the Arroyo Seco. We regrouped at Jack in the Box at 3 miles. Then, we headed across the 210 fwy at Highland. We ran an out-and-back section up Highland – Chevy Chase. Then ran down hill along Linda Vista and back down to the Rose Bowl. Recovering after being very sick, I had a couple uphill walking spots and coughing fits. Thankfully, on the downhills, I was feeling much better. We also saw Luis, who was leading the Beginner Ride on Sunday. I’m doing more long runs getting ready for LA Marathon in early March.


Rudy, Lynda, Bill, Joe, Gregg, Sue, Bob, Rob, and Ryan


Sue and Me at the flip it spot in La Canada.


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