Firecracker 10k – China Town – Year of the Rooster

6.4 miles (yeah, longer than a 10k), 1:06 time

The PTC crew took the Metro to Chinatown for the Firecracker 10k. Happy Chinese New Year. It’s the year of the Rooster. They lit 100,000 firecrackers at the start of the race. It was super loud. The 5k left first and then the 10k. I felt sluggish on the uphills but not bad. The course is very steep uphills and not much downhill. It was a beautiful sunny day, which was kinda lucky cuz yesterday was rainy and drizzly all day. After the race, the crew went for dim sum at CBS Restaurant in Chinatown. Alvin and Ryan hooked up with us after cruising through the beer garden and making new friends. Amy ordered a bunch of tasty treats. Alvin and Amy tried chicken feet on Lynda again this year, and she resisted again. But she was a good sport and tried some other egg rolls, fried rice and shiumai.  Some of the guys had super fast races. I’ll post the collective final results later. Bryan said he was 3rd AG.


Lynda, Joe, GT, Eddie, Amy, Rudy, Neal, Ryan, Gregg, Tiffany, Mike, Kirk, Bob, Paul, Bill.


Eddie, Neal, Bryan, Bob, Alvin, Gregg, Ryan, Kirk, Tiffany



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