Long Run. SoPas > San Marino > Pasadena.

15.2 miles, 3:03 moving time. Saturday.

In preparation for LA Marathon, I’m training with long runs on the weekends. Since today was rainy and very iffy, the Club Bike ride got cancelled. So, I decided to get the important workout done first, my long run. Since my friends were on CompuTrainer or out of town, I was running solo today. I took off my from SoPas and headed east through San Marino and Pasadena. The cool weather was great running. There was a little drizzle, but no big downpour. I had a jacket packed on my camelback. I saw a bunch of Pasadena Pacers running together, also training for LA Marathon. I listened to Spotify channel with upbeat tunes. I felt pretty good miles 1-11. My right knee got a little tweaky. I walked it off, but it got me thinking. The route was flat, until I had to go the last mile home, which is alway a gigantic hill. I got a new roller stick for post-run recovery. I’m hoping this will help with the tweaky knee recovery.


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